BEERJET 6 Mobile

BEERJET Mobile 6

A New Generation Of Beerjet!

More than a facelift. Enhanced features, a larger glass height and new powerful technology added to the lighter frame for better performance. 

Ideal for a temporary installation in stadiums and arenas. Pours 6 beers in 7 seconds, close to 1000 in one hour. Consistent quality, always the same volume and no spillage. Controlled with the touch of a button. Continue to use your chosen glasses to keep disposable costs to an absolute minimum. Multiple purchase arrangements....

  • Short term Rental
  • Medium term Rental
  • Lease / Purchase
  • Cash Purchase
Beerjet 6 Mobile 2022
  • Dimensions: (L) 1540 x (T) 700 x (H) 1725 mm
  • Weight empty: ~70 kg
  • Operating weight ~400 kg
  • Weight empty fully equipped: ~225 kg
  • Number of taps: 6
  • Pouring capacity: Up to 1000 x 500 ml/hour
  • Capacity: 0-15 l beer, cleaning solution or water
  • (0-10 l level in operation)
  • X4 Power Chiller with a dual ice bank


Single use and reusable cups or
glasses, no matter, Beerjet can
serve them all.


Small & Large

From 0.2 to 1 litre, from small
to large with BeerJet size
really doesn't matter.


Keg & Tank

Beerjet dispenses from keg
and tank equally well
whether for fixed or mobile operations.

  • Beerjet can pour up to 1,000 beers per hour.
  • Its fully automated operation dispenses up to six beers at a time.
  • In containers with a capacity of 0.2 to 1.0 litres.
  • For single-use and reusable cups or glass mugs
  • Adjustable pouring speed and foam volume
  • Perfect foam thanks to integrated foam button.
  • Automated cleaning at the touch of a button.
  • Variable authorisations for administrators, operators, or technicians.
  • Seamless protocol for all processes.